Any Comments – To

Respect those you disagree with:
• Seek to re-express your opponent’s position so clearly, vividly and fairly, List any points of agreement.
• Mention anything you have learned from your opponent.
• Only then are you allowing yourself to say so much as a word of rebuttal or criticism.

Employ Occam’s Razor: The idea is straightforward: don’t concoct a complicated, extravagant theory if you’ve got a simpler one.

Don’t Waste Your Time on False Info: This is Sturgeon’s law and it is often expressed as over 90% of proffered information is untrustworthy.

Don’t Procrastinate: But don’t keep putting off without cause or not completing.

Respond with patience and composure (and associated habits/attitudes)

Try not to React with frustration and resentment!

Don’t accept what you are told, without checking — judge whether reliable source. Doubly so if action with consequences is required.

Be Self-reliant As you meet each issue you have to decide how best to deal with it
Use whatever assets and guidance you truly need.
Keep believing in your own ability
Learn from any mistakes
Develop your intuition through applying yourself with confidence.

Have Self-respect
Self-esteem is about living with your “faults” and still being “reasonably nice”.

Open mind: Try sometimes to see things as new and fresh – as if for the first time Accept what you can’t change. Let-Go and don’t dwell on regrets

Do the right things and make sound judgements whilst not being too judgemental

We can’t depend on time, but we can depend on intentions. We can create, own and protect intentions. Intentions aren’t bound by time, or anything else outside our control

Rules for getting on — apply till they are good habits – Reach Out

Develop your personal rules